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The Athletic Health Organization (AHO) – a new nonprofit critical student health initiative in Philadelphia that may save and protect thousands of students as they enter into their athletic challenges each year.

The AHO mission is to provide free comprehensive physicals to every athlete with the objective of offering expert physical guidance on any medical issue to insure the student’s health while playing sports as well as helping them prepare for a healthy lifestyle.

The AHO is raising funds in partnership with The Philadelphia Foundation and the AHO Athlete Health Fund, which provides “free comprehensive physicals to every student athlete in grades 6-12 education, with the objective of offering information about detected potential medical problems to insure the student’s health while playing sports, as well as helping them prepare for a healthy lifestyle." We at AHO believe that the standard sports physicals given to the majority of middle and high school athletes, which are mandatory for participation in a sport, may not be thorough enough to identify potentially life-threatening and often inherited conditions such as the examples above. With your assistance we will ensure that student athletes in Philadelphia get the best possible health screenings that will help identify serious health issues as well as provide professional medical education to help them prevent injury and health related problems. RONIN Registration has been tasked to collect all of Athlete Health's Volunteer Information and provide its organizers with a secure event management system.

Small, medum and even large sized rowing clubs and organizations use RONIN

Upper Valley Rowing
The mission of UVRF is to create a center of excellence for the sport of rowing that will serve the Upper Valley. The priorities to create this vision are, first and foremost, the construction and maintenance of public access for rowing. Programming for local youth and adults to row on the Connecticut River, educational forums about the sport, and competitive rowing events will establish UVRF as a major benefit for the community. UVRF offers a wide range of online services via RONIN including membership and rack-rental programs.

- Jennifer Friend, Upper Valley Rowing Program Operations

The largest Master Sprints event in the world used RONIN to support its US Regatta Operations

(PRINCETON, NJ)- Attention All Masters Rowers: RONIN to provide full registration and support services for FISA World Masters! Registration with RONIN Racing is now open for the largest masters rowing event in the world, the FISA World Masters Rowing Regatta. All master rowers (athletes over the age of twenty-seven) are encouraged to compete in the regatta, renowned as the World Championships of Masters Rowing.

Participants will be delighted with the simplicity of the FISA World Masters Regatta and RONIN Racing online registration. Powered by Ronin Racing, the online registration allows participants to: register boats, sign waivers, request a boat rental, submit your boat for the boat hire program, sign up for social events, and securely pay entry fees. Registration materials are also available for download on the website.

- Brian Roman, Event Director and Operations

Vertical Adventures

Vertical Adventures

Vertical Adventures offers its customers access to the world of indoor rock climbing! Rock climbing is a full body sport that works the mind as well as the body. We have a wide range of climbing available that can be enjoyed by individuals young and old, physically fit or couch potato, adventuresome to reserved. While it does help to have a partner it's not required, so come on in today! How does Vertical Adventures use RONIN Registration? Each day, Vertical Adventures processed dozens of paper waivers offline and needed an online solution to allow its customers to sign a waiver. RONIN Registration created a system to allow Vertical Adventures Staff members to quickly review and approve individual waiver signatures.

Nonprofit organization which advocates access to the Connecticut River uses
RONIN to support its members and events

Riverfront Recapture
I would not be able to effectively manage the hundreds of registrations we receive were it not for the Ronin system. Beyond eliminating the time spent receiving, shuffling and filing hundreds of paper registrations and checks, the Ronin system allows me to take all this information with me and to work at the office, boathouse, or home. It is a real time-saver. It also lets me view month-to-month or year-to-year comparisons, provides real time financial reports, collects fees in a timely manner, and helps me keep track of many thousands of dollars in program fees. I can’t imagine trying to collect and process all our program fees without the Ronin system. It allows me to email individual participants, or all participants in a given class, or our entire community, and it lets all coaches access participants’ contact information whenever needed.

The Ronin system has greatly simplified our registration and fee collection process, allowing coaches to spend more time coaching rather than bookkeeping, and both the system and the Ronin staff have been integral partners in our programs’ growth and success.

- Brian Wendry, Event Director and Program Director

Why does the largest two day fall rowing event in the world use RONIN?

Occoquan Boat Club
As a Regatta Organizer and Coach for over 35 years, I am a huge fan of the services provided by Ronin. After doing things "my way" for years, I found that using their services has improved the events I help run and has improved my quality of life immensely. The services provided by Ronin over the years have evolved to the point that I would not even consider running an event without their full support. Their operation is a complete one if you chose to take advantage of it. The registration process is user friendly and has worked nicely for events we collaborate on. Their creation of race sheets/regatta reports/ results is both highly efficient and effective.

When I think back to how I used to do things.........I marvel at how quickly things have changed and how much I appreciate it. As a "not so hi-tech individual" who has been accused of not liking change, I quickly came to embrace the services provided by Roninracing because they make my life easier/better in readily tangible ways. RoninRacing makes running a major event a far more manageable task.

- Robert Spousta, Occoquan Boat Club Camp Director