RONIN Features & Benefits

General Overview

Sporting Enthusiasts, Conference Managers and Event Directors rely on RONIN Registration for an unbeatable combination of registration services. As the market leader in customized registrations, we support and manage thousands of programs, events and camps each year. The majority of our business comes to us through word-of-mouth referrals - a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Create Customized Registration Forms Create Customized Registration Forms

Set up your own customizable fields and mirror the look and feel of your own web site. RONIN takes care of automatic Auto Fills, Auto Recalls and Intelligent Error Corrections. We include Waivers and Forms to process. We will automatically generate email registration confirmation, invoices and other key event data. We'll also enable registrants to make changes, substitutions and cancellations post registration. Learn More »


Manage your event more effectively Manage Your Event More Effectively

Manage single or multiple programs at once. RONIN provides interactive features that allows you to alter, move, cancel, refund or even discount registrants. RONIN provides secure web based access and you can track payments and run detailed financial reports anytime. Learn More »


Secure Payment Processing Secure Payment Processing

RONIN is a full service Internet merchant, not a reseller of services. RONIN accepts credit cards, PayPal, e-check and paper check processing. We also offer a waitlist option and automatically notify and bill the registrant when you accept them. RONIN offers early and late registration fee options, run discount programs, payment plans and event reucrring billing. Learn More »


Access to Best-Of-Class Reporting Tools Get Access to Best-of-Class Reporting Tools

RONIN keeps you on top of your email marketing performance with awesome reports. RONIN features your event registration activity in real-time. Dozens of standard reports in flexible formats are available including when payments have been made to you. Create unlimited custom reports that meet your specific needs. Learn More »


Committed Customer Support Committed Customer Support

RONIN provides professional support staff to assist you in creating and managing your registration sites. RONIN features 24/7 email support and 1-800 phone support for you and your registrants. RONIN offers experienced premium account manager to provide assistance with specialized online and onsite event support services and specialized web site and development support services. Learn More »